Our Mission:

Seed Street is a social enterprise connecting hydroponic farming technology to urban food desert communities. We have a unique approach, resting on three pillars:  

       Revitalization: re-introducing the “farm” to urban areas

       Empowerment: breaking cycles through job creation

       Sustainability: a self-sustaining path towards food justice

Seed Street leverages the growing cycle as a means to create economic empowerment, community engagement and increased wellness & nutrition awareness. We are building a network of hydroponic container farms in under-utilized urban spaces across Harlem and the Bronx. We operate the farms under one umbrella, directly training and employing people from within the food desert communities in which we work to oversee and manage the growing process. We sell our locally grown produce through a variety of partner channels including: chefs / restaurants, local CSAs, local specialty markets, and other community-oriented sales channels.

Becoming a model for global implementation of urban farming


·      The farms are a meeting place for education, discussion, training, and community pride.

       We integrate with existing food and social justice initiatives, employment programs, health and wellness initiatives and more. Collectively we can provide better support to our community. 

       The farms provide education, direct employment and  tangible skills for economic empowerment and sustainability.

       Our model is built on grounds-up, contextualized learning as the cornerstone of health and wellness. A direct relationship is cultivated around where food comes from, how it is produced and how it arrives on the table.