This Week at Seed Street - May 9th-13th

Another fun week of learning and growing at Seed Street.

This week, our Tuesday Move session was all about collaboration and improvisation in motion.  We built a human machine and performed three versions of an improv sketch involving a mother and her children, the snow, and toothpaste.  All our students (and teachers!) rose to the occasion by stepping outside of their comfort zones, and showcasing their ability to be creative and silly.

Seed Street Move students using their bodies to act out an improvised Human Machine.

Seed Street Move students using their bodies to act out an improvised Human Machine.

In Create on Thursday, our business plan teams made a final push on their business pitches before our Entrepreneurship Fair.  The teams continued to build their presentation boards, seeking out images that represented their visions and products.  Some quick finishing touches and pitch rehearsal time next week will be all that’s left before the big event!

Hard at work polishing off our business plan pitches and idea boards.

Hard at work polishing off our business plan pitches and idea boards.

Friday afternoon brought us spring showers and some special guests at the Children’s Aid Society, which put our time in our container farm on hold for a week.  It means that next week, our final week, we will have a lot of activity planting some new seeds and moving our tomato plants to the roof to maximize their sun exposure during the hot summer months. 

This Week at Seed Street - Week of May 2nd

We are back from spring break this week.

MOVE: We combined our study of individual poses and our discussions of Chakras into a series of sun salutations. Our young yogis had such a great time building upon their flow and seeing the different poses come together into a longer, fluid sequence.

CREATE: Our entrepreneur teams were hard at work translating their business plans into visual displays that they will showcase at the Business Plan Fair coming up on May 19th. Our teams had a lively discussion as they stenciled, sketched, collaged and debated how to best present their ideas in two weeks.

GROW: Friday’s wet weather kept the Grow team indoors, but it didn’t stop us from thinking about the green veggies and herbs tucked away safely in our container garden.  The group developed and illustrated more than two dozen recipes for vegetable-centric foods, all of which included lettuce and/or basil, the two plants we harvested a couple of weeks ago for our Spring Harvest Table. The recipes include veggie tacos, a diverse array of salads, and a couple of yummy sandwiches.

FEEDING THE 5000 NYC against Food Waste

Date - 05/10/2016
11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Today, May 10th, our friends at Feedback Global are hosting Feeding the 5000 to take a stand against food waste in NYC and beyond. Thousands of members of the public will be provided with a delicious free feast, sourced entirely from fresh top-quality produce that would have otherwise been wasted.

Palatable Brunch Tour featuring Seed Street Co-Founder Hannah Bronfman

Palatable Brunch Tour featuring Seed Street Co-Founder Hannah Bronfman

Our Co-Founder Hannah Bronfman will be repping Seed Street on the upcoming Palatable Brunch Tour Panel  presented by the amazing folks at Art in Flux, in partnership with the Studio Museum in Harlem.

We are thrilled to have her participate in the dialogue on Food and Contemporary Art alongside dynamic, thought-leading innovators Chef J.J. Johnson (The Cecil), multi-disciplinary artist Miguel Luciano, and entrepreneur Anahi Angelone (Corner Social Harlem).

Please join us for a brunch discussion followed by a brief tour. This event is part of Flux Fair happening all over Harlem during the month of May. We encourage you to come for the event and stay to explore the full installation.


CREATE: Questlove On Prince, Doo-Wop And The Food Equivalent Of The 'Mona Lisa'

Here at Seed Street, we believe that an awareness of health & wellbeing, a connection to nature and access to vibrant community are integral building blocks of the creative process. Equally, we believe that a life lived engaged with the creative mind unlocks greater health, wellness and community vibrancy for all and that, in turn, perpetuates the creative cycle. It’s a simple, beautiful thing. And yet, anyone who has ever battled writers block or a lack of “inspiration” understands firsthand that the creative process can be at times both mystifying and frustrating.

I always say that I’m more obsessed with the journey of getting there than the destination.
— Ahmir Thompson a.k.a. Questlove

One of our favorite Creative minds in the game today, Ahmir Thompson a.k.a. Questlove, spoke recently to NPR about his own creative process and how he draws inspiration from just about every medium out there, from food to music to production to writing and beyond. In Questlove’s own words, "I always say that I'm more obsessed with the journey of getting there than the destination.”

From a man who seems to be in a perpetual state of creative flow, it is humbling to understand this multifaceted artist's journey and how his staggering list of seemingly disparate projects are unified under one fluid, organic creative process.

Listen here for the full interview with Questlove.

Community Spotlight - FLUX Art Fair May 3 - 31, 2016

Community Spotlight - FLUX Art Fair May 3 - 31, 2016

The fabulous team at Art in Flux will be hosting FLUX Public Art Projects, a month-long series of performances, large-scale installations, and subtle artist interventions throughout Upper Manhattan, including Marcus Garvey Park, Eugene McCabe Field, Harlem Art Park, along Fifth and Lenox Avenues, and Harlem Grown farm on 127th Street.

We can't wait to check out everything Flux Fair has to offer and explore the creative vibrancy that is inextricably linked within the spirit of Harlem.

Throughout the month of May, FLUX will host FREE and ticketed programs including tours, brunches, panel discussions, artist talks, artist performances, and performances by the National Jazz Museum of Harlem and the Classical Theatre of Harlem, and Sip + Sketch evenings, bringing together original works by 40 groundbreaking artists, 50 percent of whom are women. 

Seasonal Reflection - Seder and Spring Harvest

At Seed Street, we love any tradition that takes us back to an observation of the evolving seasons and a reflection of our shared stories. We especially love when that tradition centers around a meal that is at once ancestral in its origins and yet as relevant to modern-day notions of seasonality as any walk through the late-spring farmer’s market could inspire.

The Passover Seder is one such tradition. Although the meal and the religious text it invokes, the Haggadah, represent many different messages and histories, part of the meal’s perhaps lesser sung essence is as one of three harvest festivals in Judaism.

As April fades into May and the temptation of hot summer planting loops ahead of us, it is essential to reflect on this moment of seedlings planted, early spring harvests reaped and shared, and the sense of community that we seek to cultivate around it all. This message knows no boundary or religion, and the joy of the harvest is an innate one we can all share. 

This Week At Seed Street - April 18-22

A truly glorious spring week at Seed Street.

Move: We learned about standing yoga poses and practiced meditation. We relied on props for support, using straps to stretch our upper backs and learning how to keep our shoulders back without exaggerating the natural curvature of our spines. We used straps and balance near the wall to help us achieve dancers pose!  We finished class with a guided meditation, using the yoga blocks to improve our seated postures.  It was a great extension of the balancing and focus work we did the prior week.

Create: Our Create entrepreneurs were working at full force.  All three business plan teams were ironing out important decisions including their marketing strategies and the roles and responsibilities of each member of their team.  We are so excited for the teams to showcase their full plans at our Business Plan Fair in just a few weeks!

Grow: We celebrated a spring harvest with a vegetable and herb distribution to family and friends on Friday.  Our young farmers distributed over 40 bags of lettuce and basil, grown in our hydroponic container garden, to parents and other members of the Children’s Aid Society community.  It was a wonderful way to wrap up the week and begin a much needed and well deserved Spring Break!  

Note on week of April 25: Programming is paused for spring break this week; check back in two weeks for more news from Seed Street!


Join us for a Farmstand Friday this week, where our students, teachers and volunteers will be hosting the distribution of some of our hydroponically grown basil, lettuces and herbs.

Come meet our team and see our students show off the harvests of their hard work through the winter and spring!

When: Friday April 22nd, 2016 at 5PM

Where: Dunlevy Milbank Center, 14 W 118th St, New York, NY 10026




Can You Dig This? - Film Screening Event on April 25th, 2016

The amazing team at Harlem Grown will be co-hosting a documentary screening of the award winning "Can you Dig This" exploring the urban gardening movement taking root in South L.A., one of the largest food desert communities in the country.

Join us for an inspiring evening of story-telling, cinema and conversation.

Monday, April 25th, 2016 at 7:30PM

Magic Johnson Harlem
2309 Frederick Douglas Blvd
New York, NY

Tickets: here

We hope to see you there!