Seasonal Reflection

Farmstand Update – Winter Harvest at Seed Street

As the winter months prepare to thaw into spring, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on the amazing growing that has been happening at Seed Street throughout this winter season.

We have an all-star roster of curious and enthusiastic young farmers working with Farmer Randy. Even when the temperatures outside were plunging, our farm stayed warm and leafy green. We'd like to share with you few updates, in photos, from our winter Grow programming. (See below).

We are so excited to be continuing the growing this season, and while we ride out the last of winter we already have our sights firm planted on the exciting spring harvests that lie ahead! Keep following along with us!

Big things grow from small seeds planted.

-- Team Seed Street

Seasonal Reflection: Summer Farmstand Spotlight

As we head into Labor Day Weekend and what serves as the de facto last week of summer for so many of us, temps and humidity continue to rise here in NYC. The upside - the late summer produce from local farmers right now is some of the finest of the year! Below, a spotlight on three of the summer classics that are at their best right now.

Even as we move to spending more time outside in the company of family and friend this weekend, we can stay out of the hot kitchen and still manage to eat fresh, local and seasonal. Take a stroll to your nearest farmers market and talk to your purveyor / farmer about what they are harvesting right now.

Happy eating!


Sliced, diced and served solo as the star sweet and refreshing treat, it doesn't take much to make a fresh watermelon to perfect accompaniment to a late-summer day. Watermelon pairs wonderfully with mint in its sweet form, but the addition of other green herbs like basil, cilantro or parsley transform the watermelon into a perfect salty-savory conduit. Just slice the watermelon into simple cubes, drizzle lightly with olive oil and sea salt, and heap on a generous portion of the favorite green herb of your choosing. For an added punch, tuck in some crumbles of feta or goat cheese throughout.


This one hardly needs more elaboration. The delicious staple of a lightly-grilled corn on the cob is emblematic of summer-fun for a reason. We love elevating it ever so slightly by taking the corn cob right from the grill, brushing it with fresh lime juice, and then sprinkling on a little salt and cayenne pepper.
Simpler yet, skip the grilling / cooking altogether and enjoy your August corn exactly as it is! Just take your cob raw, slice the kernels from the cob, and toss into salads, omelettes or enjoy it solo. The key is to start with a cob that is sweet and tender. To maximize sweetness and tenderness, start by nabbing corn that is freshly harvested - and the best way to do that is to find locally-farmed corn that hasn't had to travel far from the field to your table. The corn of farms on New Jersey and Long Island are particularly stunning now.


The local tomatoes that appear at farmers markets in late summer are hardly recognizable from their mass-greenhouse farmed brethren than make it to us in the winter months. The tomatoes available now will have a flavor, texture and all around oooomph factor that can't be missed. When picking your tomatoes, remember: don't judge a book by its cover! Some of the juiciest, sweetest and most flavorful tomatoes won't be round or pretty, and they may not even be red! Experiment with different tomatoes sizes and varieties to discover which flavor profiles you like best.

To preserve the tomatoes at their best, don't store them in the refrigerator! Rather, keep them out at room temperature until you are ready to use them, and consider storing the larger tomatoes with the stem side down (which is thought to slow the aging process and keep them fresh longer). 


Summer of Seed Street: Recipes from our Garden

The swelter of the NYC summer is officially upon us! After a long weekend celebrating independence day and the festivities that kick off the month of July all around NYC, we thought it the perfect occasion to share the leafy-greens-based recipes crafted by our young gardeners and inspired by their time nurturing, growing and tasting produce from their hydroponic garden.

Please enjoy this survey in words and images.

Stay tuned - We will be back with more updates from our Seed Street farm soon.

Seasonal Reflection - Seder and Spring Harvest

At Seed Street, we love any tradition that takes us back to an observation of the evolving seasons and a reflection of our shared stories. We especially love when that tradition centers around a meal that is at once ancestral in its origins and yet as relevant to modern-day notions of seasonality as any walk through the late-spring farmer’s market could inspire.

The Passover Seder is one such tradition. Although the meal and the religious text it invokes, the Haggadah, represent many different messages and histories, part of the meal’s perhaps lesser sung essence is as one of three harvest festivals in Judaism.

As April fades into May and the temptation of hot summer planting loops ahead of us, it is essential to reflect on this moment of seedlings planted, early spring harvests reaped and shared, and the sense of community that we seek to cultivate around it all. This message knows no boundary or religion, and the joy of the harvest is an innate one we can all share.