CREATE: Questlove On Prince, Doo-Wop And The Food Equivalent Of The 'Mona Lisa'

Here at Seed Street, we believe that an awareness of health & wellbeing, a connection to nature and access to vibrant community are integral building blocks of the creative process. Equally, we believe that a life lived engaged with the creative mind unlocks greater health, wellness and community vibrancy for all and that, in turn, perpetuates the creative cycle. It’s a simple, beautiful thing. And yet, anyone who has ever battled writers block or a lack of “inspiration” understands firsthand that the creative process can be at times both mystifying and frustrating.

I always say that I’m more obsessed with the journey of getting there than the destination.
— Ahmir Thompson a.k.a. Questlove

One of our favorite Creative minds in the game today, Ahmir Thompson a.k.a. Questlove, spoke recently to NPR about his own creative process and how he draws inspiration from just about every medium out there, from food to music to production to writing and beyond. In Questlove’s own words, "I always say that I'm more obsessed with the journey of getting there than the destination.”

From a man who seems to be in a perpetual state of creative flow, it is humbling to understand this multifaceted artist's journey and how his staggering list of seemingly disparate projects are unified under one fluid, organic creative process.

Listen here for the full interview with Questlove.