Seasonal Reflection - Seder and Spring Harvest

At Seed Street, we love any tradition that takes us back to an observation of the evolving seasons and a reflection of our shared stories. We especially love when that tradition centers around a meal that is at once ancestral in its origins and yet as relevant to modern-day notions of seasonality as any walk through the late-spring farmer’s market could inspire.

The Passover Seder is one such tradition. Although the meal and the religious text it invokes, the Haggadah, represent many different messages and histories, part of the meal’s perhaps lesser sung essence is as one of three harvest festivals in Judaism.

As April fades into May and the temptation of hot summer planting loops ahead of us, it is essential to reflect on this moment of seedlings planted, early spring harvests reaped and shared, and the sense of community that we seek to cultivate around it all. This message knows no boundary or religion, and the joy of the harvest is an innate one we can all share.