This Week at Seed Street - April 11th, 2016

This week at Seed Street began with yoga.  This week’s yoga practice tackled the themes of stamina and focus. In an effort to built strength, the girls pushed themselves to hold poses for an extra breath or two longer, and reflected on how stamina isn’t just about physical strength; it requires mental strength and focus too.  To explore and practice focus, we did tree pose.   It was exciting to hear the students describe how they were able to hold the pose the longest when they focused on themselves and blocked out everyone else around them.

 In Create, the three business plan teams finished their SWOT (Strength - Weakness - Opportunities - Threats) analysis charts.  They are ready to start applying their work over the past two weeks to make some important strategic revision to their business plans.  We already looking forward to each teams final business pitches at the end of May.  

The week ended with another beautiful day working in and around the container garden.  We postponed our farm stand for one more week, giving our lettuce and basil a little more time to grow before we harvest.  We used that time to transplant additional seedlings into the hydroponic system and finished making our signs and decorations for the farm stand. We also crafted some invitations to our family and friends to join us for our farm stand next week.   We had a new participant in our gardening club a couple weeks ago, and our seasoned gardeners where able to demonstrate their knowledge of hydroponics and plant anatomy as they graciously showed her the ropes.