This Week at Seed Street - Week of April 4th


We started our week with some yoga and guided meditation that helped us maintain focus on all of our projects.  In yoga, we learned about using our breath as a tool to manage emotions and stress, and the timing was perfect since our students are now in the middle of state testing season.  

On Thursday, our Create group began a SWOT (Strengths - Weaknesses - Opportunities - Threats) analysis for their business plans.  The day ended with an overwhelming agreement as to the importance of acknowledging weaknesses. There was also some serious discussion about renaming some businesses to take advantage of the power of alliteration and a play on words to make a business name more memorable.  

Friday in the garden was an opportunity to take a step back and really notice the work we’ve done through this early spring season.  We spent the afternoon on observation, and exercising our creative muscles to prepare for next week’s farm stand (stay tuned!).  Our lettuces and herbs are just about ready to harvest, so we took some measurements, created some sketches, and started crafting signs for the farm stand.  In addition to an assortment of lettuces and herbs, our Seed Street gardeners will be packaging our greens with salad dressing recipes to help put all those greens to use.