Seed Street Curriculum

Our hydroponic farms serve as the foundation for community growth, learning, and economic empowerment.

Our proprietary GROW, MOVE, CREATE and COMMUNITY curriculum introduces youth and their families to healthy eating and wellness.


GROW incorporates hands-on farming and science learning. Children engage in Seeding, Planting, Tending, and Harvesting activities. Older youth get more advanced training in the quickly expanding hydroponics industry and make decisions about how to market and sell the farm yield. 

MOVE encourages youth to incorporate exercise and develop a healthy lifestyle. With a holistic approach based on yoga and meditation, youth are exposed to movement in new ways that integrate self-expression and self-esteem.

CREATE combines ART with S.T.E.M. to encourage creative expression and critical thinking as an essential part of wellness.  Hands-on activities combining art, math and science include cooking and healthy food preparation, painting, sketching and building or creative writing, poetry and music.

COMMUNITY brings together families and community members around understanding healthy foods, preparing meals and being active together.  COMMUNITY days include cook-and-taste demos, nutrition forum discussions, and a farmer’s market.